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About Us


Founded in 1982, Insurance Support Systems, Inc. is a full service brokerage firm who's goal is providing insurance/risk management services for entities such as non-profits, senior/veteran housing, medical malpractice, hair care companies, contractors, benefits insurance solutions and developing risk management programs for the private and public sectors.

ISS is licensed in over 20 other States where we provide Insurance and Risk Management Services.

ISS has access to many commercial and public sector insurance markets through regional, national and global affiliations providing a significant advantage for realizing more competitive premium and coverage alternatives for clients.

ISS is a partnership-driven business. At ISS, we do not present our clients with template answers in a brightly colored presentation, and then walk away. Instead, we work with you; learn your business; and become members of your team. Then, we provide you with the best customized solution to your specific issue, based on your needs.

ISS understands that emerging businesses need to be competitive and that the costs of insurance has been skyrocketing. We know that in order to deal with this challenge, companies need an insurance provider that can serve their needs and financial goals.

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